New Orleanian (by way of Tuscaloosa) Nik De Dominic is editor of the lit. website The Offending Adam, which has just released a Tuscaloosa Issue in support of his alma mater’s tornado-ravaged town.

From TOA:

This week, The Offending Adam pauses our usual publication schedule for a specific and important purpose. We are presenting a week of writing on Tuscaloosa. Monday’s issue features work from Michael Martone, Steven Casimer Kowalski, Erin Lyndal Martin, and Juan Reyes. Tuesday’s issue, Robin Behn, Justin Runge, AB Gorham, and Katy Gunn. Wednesday, Kirk Pinho, Danilo Thomas, and Laurence Ross. Thursday, Jesse DeLong, Darren Demaree, and Brian Oliu. And Friday, B.J. Hollars, Erik Wennermark, Chris Mink, and Carrie Chappell. You will see from this collection of writing from people connected to Tuscaloosa that Tuscaloosa is boozy, ghostly, quiet, funny, sad; it is the seasons, a mythic place, the trunk of a car, red clay, a hammer, a bird, bratty sometimes, a train spike, a blurry view, bridges, an escape, a purgatory; that it is graceful, and it is lordly. That it is not gone. I know that Tuscaloosa may be broken and that Tuscaloosa may be bruised but that Tuscaloosa will recover. And that it will recover with our help. –Nik De Dominic