The Boxridge Table


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Orion Wertz, The Boxridge Table
Boxridge Table is a story of a farm commune in a near future post-petroleum America. The protagonist, Abram, is the “Left Hand” of the Boxridge Table. He is tasked with maintaining order and safety against external threats, which include marauding swarms of dangerous insects. Abram’s job becomes more complex when a lethal accident is discovered to have been a murder. The establishment of community and family groups is a major theme in this book. Abram is isolated, and he combats this isolation by participating in the rituals and structures that bind him to a larger entity. Like many other characters in the book, Abram is haunted by his own past and the shared history of his community. Some of the Table’s structures are medieval in nature, and Abram must deal with the gap between justice and social cohesion.

In the late 90’s I started writing and illustrating my own comics. I grew up in Pittsburgh, and have lived in various places in Pennsylvania, Illinois and New York City, moving around for school and then jobs. Works by Daniel Clowes, Jessica Abel, Adrian Tomine, Chris Ware, and many others were important discoveries for me as I started to find my way in comics. Currently I reside in Columbus, Georgia, where I am a Professor of Art at Columbus State University. I lead a happy, settled life with a house, a caring wife and son, a dog… but I still create comics. Its hard to say why we are driven to do the things that we do.