12th Annual Draw-A-Thon!

Get ready because your favorite day of the year on its way! The 12th Annual Draw-a-Thon is coming around full circle to where it all began at the Green Project!

Draw-a-Thon will begin at 6:30am, November 25th. The Green Project is located at 2831 Marais Street, next to the train tracks on Press Street in Marigny/Bywater.

Antenna’s annual 24 Hour Draw-a-Thon is a free interactive arts extravaganza for all ages with all art supplies provided! Participants are invited to draw on the walls and floor and participate in dozens of workshops taught be extraordinary New Orleans artists and educators. Kids and adults are encouraged to attend, and no experience is required.

The theme of the 12th Annual Draw-a-Thon is Draw-stellations of the Zodiac. Ongoing activities include all time favorites like the amazing Draw-a-Tron 3000, Whimsy Post (sponsored by The Ministry of Supreme Happiness and presented by Laura Gipson), and the Splendiferous Scribble Scroll with Caesar Meadows. This year visitors can also get Black Hole Black Light Drawing Room with MaPo Kinnord or visit the grand opening of the a new corner store, Leadbelly’s Doodle Shop and Deli #2 (named after Linus Leadbelly, the pencil).

Throughout the day is a full schedule of workshops and events. Morning activities include screen printing with Kiernan Dunn of the New Orleans Community Print Shop, Print-o-scope with Kenny Harrison, Paper Dolls of the Animal Zodiac with Jeannie Detweiler and Age of Aquarium with Natalie McLaurin. The late night schedule includes figure drawing with Drill Sergeant Gary Oaks, drawing karaoke with Kourtney Keller and Bob Snead, as well as a Zodiac Zen Garden with Becky and Ry Gipson.

Ongoing Workshops:
The Amazing Draw-a-Tron 3000
Leadbelly’s Doodle Shop and Deli #2 (Open 24 Hours!)
Whimsy Post with Laura Gipson
A-scroll-ogical 24 Hour Drawing-scope with Caesar Meadows
Put a Bird on It
Create a Creature
Black Hole Drawing Room with MaPo Kinnord
Emergency Drawing Kits
The “Internet”

7AM- Tasseomancy Time (Draw your coffee grounds)
8AM- Capricorn Flakes (Part of this Complete Breakfast!) with with Ry Gipson
9AM-10AM Screenprinting with Kiernan Dunn of the Community Print Shop
9AM-Draw your Fortune with Becky Gipson
10AM Age of Aquarium with Natalie McLaurin
11AM Print-o-scope with Kenny Harrison
12PM Paper Dolls of the Animal Zodiac with Jeannie Detweiler
1PM-3PM Cast your Chart with MaPo Kinnord
2PM-4PM Hour of the Bunny Flipsy Flopsy Books with Yuka Petz
2PM-4PM Redacted Poetry with Tristan Thompson
3PM -5PM Plants from Outer Space with Ron Bechet
3PM- 5PM Official Hour of the Monkey
4PM-6PM PM Film Workshop with Miro Hoffmann
6pm-8pm Prime Time with Stan Danley
8pm-10PM – Giant Ouija Board with Maddie Stratton
9pm-11pm Zodiac Zen Garden with Becky and Ry Gipson
10PM-12PM: Moon in Virgo: Figure Drawing with Drill Sergeant Gary Oaks
12AM-2AM Mercury in Retrograde: Draw-a-oke with Bob Snead and Kourtney Keller
2AM- til: Camp Cassingham™ Infomercial Hour: Age of the Turnip 12 CD Collector’s Edition Box Set
3AM: Hour of the Horse: Luke Brechtelsbauer the Harpist
5AM: Hour of the Rooster

Poster image and T-Shirt Design by Rebecca Gipson