2018 at Antenna

This year marked 13 years of Antenna’s work in New Orleans, and there is no sign of slowing our pace in the strength and breadth of the artist- and writer-driven projects that we continue to support. We celebrated the first year of programming at our print center, Paper Machine; produced our first in-school Draw-A-Thon event at Homer Plessy School; developed an incredibly diverse range of exhibitions and publications; significantly increased the direct financial support we provide to artists and writers; and with Fossil Free Fest, we took on one of the most pressing and challenging topics in our community, giving space to contemplate the meaning of extractive industries investments in the cultural fabric of our city. This work is by no means easy, and some of our most challenging work still lies ahead as we look to 2019. While continuing everything we love to support—exhibitionsbooks, and grants—we will add a new publishing residency and a workforce development program at Paper Machine, explore a new format for us with the launch of the Antenna::Signals podcast, launch a new box subscription services for Antenna/Paper Machine books, and finally see the realization of the Slave Rebellion Reenactment after four years of production. I am constantly surprised by the work we do and the people that help to shape it, particularly as we look back at this time of year and frame our accomplishments of the last 365 days. Despite so many problems we see in the world today, I can’t help but be optimistic because I see so many incredible, often world changing, ideas flourish. I hope you will join me in the anxious and frenetic excitement I have to see what we can do as a community in the year to come.

Bob Snead
Antenna Executive Director

(Illustration above by Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell)

Image: Antenna::Signals event hosted in conjunction with Kolaj Fest at Silk Road, July 2018. Photo by Bob Snead.


directly supporting 268 artists & writers involved in Antenna programming with honoraria, stipends, and salaries.

Image: Installation of the results from Hope Amico’s Where You From? Summer Census Project, a 2018-19 Platforms Fund Awarded project.


in grants to 19 collaborative and independent artistic projects across New Orleans through the Platforms Fund.

Image: Antenna::Signals, September 2018 hosted by Rhodes Funeral Home. Photo by Bob Snead.


2018 saw a total attendance of 8,381 visitors to the various programs produced by Antenna. 81,842 unique web visitors viewed 164 new articles, reviews, interviews, & films online at antenna.works.

Image: Opening remarks during Fossil Free Fest hosted by the Joan Mitchell Center. Photo by Bob Snead.


In April 2018, Antenna hosted Fossil Free Fest—a week of art, food, music, film screenings, and workshops­—meant to carve out a dedicated and open space to dig deep into the ethics and complexities of funding art and education with fossil fuel money while imagining a #FossilFreeCulture.

Image: Michael “Quess?” Moore reading for RM220 from his book Sleeper Cell at Antenna, August 2018. Photo by Bob Snead.


presenting some of the most dynamic artists & writers from New Orleans & beyond.

Image: Figure Drawing at the 24 Hour Draw-A-Thon hosted by The Green Project, November 2018. Photo by Gabrielle Steib


Antenna welcomed just over 1,000 participants to the annual 24-Hour Draw-A-Thon at The Green Project, and launched a field-day style program working with the Homer Plessy Community School to have a free all-day art-making event for over 400 students.

Image: Artist Vanessa Centeno performs Flamenco at Paper Machine for Antenna::Signals January 2018 event. Photo by Bob Snead.


In 2018, Antenna hosted ten open calls with opportunities for artists and writers to exhibit, publish, or create through Antenna programming.

Image: Volunteers working in October 2018 at a Slave Rebellion Reenactment Sewing Circle,  helping to develop the costumes for the 500 person army. Photo by Dread Scott.


Throughout 2018, Antenna worked with artist Dread Scott, alongside a corp of incredible local artists and organizers to develop the infrastructure for the Slave Rebellion Reenactment, which will take place November 9-10, 2019- bringing together 500 people to retrace the original 26 mile journey of the largest slave rebellion in American history, which took place just outside of New Orleans in 1811.

Image: September 2018 Paper Machine Exhibition Mumpsimus by Tyler Harwood. Photo by Tammy Mercure.


In 2018, the 15 artists that organize Antenna Gallery and Paper Machine contributed over 1000 volunteer hours to develop 21 exhibitions, fostering new risk-taking projects from local, national, & international artists

Image: a handful of the publications printed at Paper Machine for artists, writers, & local non-profits during 2018.


2018 marked the first year of operations at Paper Machine. With some of the most cutting edge print technologies, the team at Paper Machine produced 167 non-profit or creator-driven publishing projects, alongside 11 books for Antenna’s imprint.

Image: From the 2018 In-School Draw-A-Thon at Homer Plessy School. Photo by Jamell Tate.


Keep an eye out for these highlights coming from Antenna in 2019:-A new Antenna::Signals podcast that will explore Antenna’s work in New Orleans, produced by David Benedetto.-The launch of a new residency program at Paper Machine, supporting the work of artists & writers exploring publishing & print-based projects.

-The new Antenna::Box subscription service which gives you quarterly deliveries of Antenna publications right to your doorsteps.

-Even more classes and workshops for the general public and educators that teach design skills, letterpress techniques, bookmaking, and other print-based explorations at Paper Machine.

-Various aspects of the organization working on a year-long focus of programming on connections to history.

-The conclusion of 4 years of work on Slave Rebellion Reenactment, presented November 9-10.

Photo by Jamell Tate, presenter at the December 2018 Antenna::Signals event.


Antenna programming would not be possible without support by individuals like you! Visit antenna.works/donate to make a tax deductible contribution to help make 2019 another incredible year for art and writing in New Orleans.


And you will be in good company! Support for Antenna programming in 2018 was provided by Individuals like you, the National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Bloomberg Philanthropies, Gore Family Fund, Nathan Cummings Foundation, Chorus Foundation, Lush Cosmetics, Solidaire Network, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, VIA Art Fund, Joan Mitchell Foundation, RosaMary Foundation, The Freeman Challenge Grant, Ella West Freeman Foundation, Edward Wisner Grant Donation, Art4Moore Foundation, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, New Orleans City Council & Cox Communication Grant, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, John Pope and the Pinckelope Foundation, Bywater CDC, the Arts Council of New Orleans, the City of New Orleans, Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation & Tourism, and an anonymous contributor vital to our work!