Antenna Presents:
Anti-Fascist Reading Club

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Could this be the advent of a new fascism? How could this have happened? How long have we been staring this future blindly in the face? How do we prepare ourselves and our communities? These are the questions that many are asking oursleves on the eve of January 20th. Certainly, no situation unfolds in isolation. It is imperative that we study the histories, fictions, legal writings, works of art, architecture and films that can shed light on our reality, reveal echoes of the past in our current position, and offer strategies for strengthening and uniting our communities.

With these concerns in mind, Antenna is launching an Anti-Fascist reading club. Every two months, we will assign ourselves one fiction and one non-fiction book. The bimonthly meetup will feature an open discussion and skill share, film screenings and art study.

The first meetup on January 19th will be to share our hopes for this group, put together a list of themes we are interested in studying, and collecting recommendations for study materials.

Email if you want to be involved as an organizer or have suggestions for readings.

Above Image: “Conformity and refusal: Spectators and workers of the Blohm & Voss shipyards during the singing of the national anthem and the Horst Wessel Song following the “Fuhrer’s address” given by Adolph Hitler on the occasion of the launch of the German Navy training ship “Horst Wessel,” Hamburg, June 13, 1936.” Courtesy of The Topography of Terror, Berlin, Germany, Jan. 2014