Antenna Gallery produces an array of risk-taking solo and group exhibitions that engage and interact with the New Orleans community through special events, educational programming, and artist talks. All Antenna exhibitions are free and open to the public.

The Earth is Round?

On view: May 13- June 4, 2017 Opening Reception: Saturday May 13, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 For “The Earth is Round?” Antenna in…

Flora, Fauna, and Entrails

Flora, Fauna, and Entrails On view: April 8 – May 7, 2017 Opening Reception: Saturday April 8, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 F…

American Twist, The NYC Sculptors Guild

Sculptors Guild addresses a timely theme with diverse works. New York City-based Sculptors Guild, celebrating 80 years as one of the first artist-run …

Anthony Baab: Cover the Earth IV

Within his current body of work, Cover the Earth, Anthony Baab experiments with objects and materials associated with consumerism – packaging, adverti…

Sarah House

Clay is harvested from the earth where waters once flowed. This summer too much water hit the hard earth in and around Baton Rouge and Alligator Clay,…

Diane Fox: UnNatural History

For the past several years, Diane Fox has trained her eye on the taxidermied animal. This solo exhibit includes two directions the work has taken, UnN…

Nathan Halverson "Dispstill 3"
Nathan Halverson: Absolute Difference

On view: Nov 12- Dec 4, 2016 Opening Reception: Nov 12, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday -Friday 12-5 Nathan Halverson’s exhibit, Absolute Difference, pres…

Ether and Agony

Opening Reception: Oct 8, 6-10pm Daily hours: Sat and Sun 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 12-5 call ahead RAP CULTURE, FEMINISM, CRAFT, PATHOLOGY, IDENTITY, FETI…

Refractional Presence

Opening Reception: September 10, 6-10pm Daily hours: Sat and Sun 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 12-5 call ahead Refraction n. the action of distorting an image …

Ben Fox-McCord
A beginning, an end, and the nothing in-between

An exhibition of recent prints, drawings, and installations by Ben Fox-McCord. Ben Fox-McCord is an artist, musician, and future Sasquatch who hails f…

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