Francine Thirteen explores a genre of her own making with “Live in My Grace”

“Ritual pop” is  the name , Francine Thirteen gives to the genre/aesthetic she explores in her new song and visual track, ‘Live In My Grace.’  The song is in her words, an exploration of the virgin/whore dichotomy. And more largely the power of a woman who owns her own pleasure.  Creating space in the physical and ethereal realms for Black Female Bodies to explore their right to live and create joyously seems to drive the imagery and energy around this intriguing work. Previously featured/premiered in NoiseyNPR, OkayafricaanAfropunk  among others, look out for the full visual soon and check out the teaser for now!

Also if you are in the Austin area, check out a screening at UT Austin on February 7th! And also look out for Francine Thirteen in New Orleans in the near future.