It’s Not a Broken Nose: Robert Hass Reads at Tulane

I showed up a few minutes after Robert Hass began to speak at Tulane on Monday, Jan. 24, as part of the English Department’s Poet Laureate Series, so when I saw the conspicuous white bandage across the bridge of his nose I assumed he had broken it. I never imaged Hass as a brawler, or someone who would engage in much of any sort of risky activity whatsoever (off the page, that is), so naturally I was curious about what happened. I learned afterward he had announced at the outset it was some sort of skin surgery, or something.

One of my favorite parts of the event came during the Q&A, when a student asked Hass, “In youth, should one pursue studies, or adventure?” Hass replied: “One can have a lot of adventures without leaving the house.” Again, a declination of riskiness (except on the page!).

For more on the Hass reading, the Uptown Messenger has posted a full review.