MEENA : An Introduction to Arabic Culture

MEENA : An Introduction to Arabic Culture

Tuesdays , March 15th-April 19th @ Antenna Gallery
7:00 – 9:00 pm

$80/ 6 week course, includes Egyptian feast during final class

sponsored by Meena, the Zeitoun Foundation and Press Street/Room 220.

Explore various aspects of Arabic culture—from faith, literature, music, and film to the alphabet and basic greetings. We’ll also address the dramatic uprising unfolding in Northern Africa. Those who have no familiarity with Arabic-speaking countries and want to know more, as well as those with experience or heritage in these cultures, are welcome to join us for discussion and exploration. The weekly sessions will be conducted through various formats, including film viewing and discussion, a bilingual reading, and an Egyptian feast at the end of the course.

Khaled Hegazzi, who will be running the course, is the co-editor of Meena, a bilingual literary series. Originally from Egypt, he was a journalist for the national newspaper Al-Ahram, and is the author of poetry books, as well as books of essays, film reviews and children’s stories in Arabic. His writing has been published in the United States, as well as in Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain. His translations have been included in the Norton Anthology Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia & Beyond.

To participate contact: Khaled Hegazzi
(504) 919-3038
($20 deposit to hold your place)