Scumbag Cinema – Hausu & House

Sick! Twisted! Dirty! Repulsive! Calling all degenerates!
Come out for the Scumbag Cinema Double Feature Series! Get out of the flop house, crack house, or from under that bridge and come by for some of the weirdest films you’ve never seen! This stuff’ll stain your mind and be sure to send your soul straight to hell!  Admission FREECurated by Wesley Stokes.

A school girl named Gorgeous gets jealous of her father’s new girlfriend and decides to spend the summer with her weird aunt that she hasn’t visited since she was a child. So she takes her friends with equally amazing names along to discover something between The Partridge Family and The Evil Dead. If you haven’t seen this yet, then you will hate yourself forever if you miss it now.  (1977) 88 minutes

Though a total coincidence, another film named House exists that is also on the Evil Dead end of the spectrum and originally the working title was “Ding Dong, You’re Dead.” This was directed by Steve Miner of Friday The 13th II fame (the one where Jason wore a sack over his head) but was written by his college roommate, Fred Dekker. Fred is a master of the horror comedy and went on to make Night Of The Creeps, Monster Squad, and Robocop 3.  (1986) 93 minutesLook here for film trailer.

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