Sugar:: Angel Perdomo

El Sheriff de Chocolate

47’’ x 50 ½ ‘’

Acrylic on Canvas 


Sugar can be sweet, infectious, playful, and endearing. The painting “El Sheriff de Chocolate” exemplifies “sugar”. The setting and composition of the painting is a western themed candy land. Another major influence on the piece is the song by Mexican Grupero band Bronco, whose song is also entitled “El Sheriff de Chocolate”. Both the song and concept of sugar collide in this piece, not just by the sweets displayed in the painting, but also the warmth of colors, and the sweet and playful feeling of the composition. The song holds a similar setting of a western Candyland where the children in the song imagine Candyland and must fight off a gang of evil lollipop bandits and the sheriff made of chocolate comes and saves the day of their beloved Candyland. Sugar also seems to display this same effect on us. We eat a candy bar and it’s like our day is saved or we get a temporary boost from sugar. Snickers ran a whole campaign on the concept of a candy bar fixing whatever was afflicting you. This is similar to the “chocolate sheriff” coming to save the candy land . The painting, with its fudge covered candy mountains, flan plateau landscape brings you into the illustrious Candyland. But don’t be frightened by the lollipop bandit because El Sheriff de Chocolate is there to keep the sweet harmony of the candy land intact.

Angel was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in 1989 but later moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1996. He received his Bachelor of Arts in painting and print making from the University of New Orleans in May 2013. Angel has been in numerous group exhibitions at the UNO St.Claude Gallery, Dumois Gallery, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Contemporary Art Center and has also shown nationally in a juried show at Parlor Gallery, New Jersey. In addition to his artistic endeavors, he enjoys cartoons and pizza