Sugar:: Robin Levy

”Up To My Ears” depicts an accumulation of sugar’s pervasive addictive nature and its history’s recurring sins. As a second generation Holocaust survivor I fully understand the insidious and suffocating gravity of inherited traumas, both overt and subtle, albeit not of extant racism. This image portrays both culpable perpetrator and silent witness. It acknowledges harmfulness of white privilege to both the innocent and complicit.

Robin Levy was born in New Orleans, LA. She received her BFA from
Louisiana State University, attended Instituto Per L’Arte E Il Restauro in
Florence, Italy and earned her MFA from the Rhode Island School of
Design. Levy, known for her sculpture, installations and photography,

creates intimate durational explorations that push towards a better under-
standing of our complicated world. She strives to make works that begin

from a highly personal place that can represent shared communal expe-
riences. Through a translation into material objects, Levy’s aim is to il-
lustrate the impact of both nature and human bias on our bodies, psy-
ches, and relationships. As touch recedes into the virtual realm, Levy

remains devoted to the physicality of making and grateful for material
wisdom gained from its myriad challenges.
Levy’s rigorous practice includes collaboration, community based

projects, and guest curating in the US and Europe. Her work has exhibit-
ed nationally and internationally, resides in private and museum collec-
tions and is featured in both art and medical publications. Levy lives and

works in New Orleans.