The Antenna Gallery Outdoor Auxiliary (AOA)

The Antenna Gallery Outdoor Auxiliary (AOA) is a multi-purpose reclaimed urban cultural space that functions at the intersection of blight and art, offering an ideal collaborative event venue for the burgeoning St. Claude Arts District…

Aw, who am I kidding? It’s a fucking concrete slab with some crumbling brick walls around it. This is what Press Street will be reduced to at the end of April, when our landlord kicks us out of the Antenna Gallery so she can move in her yoga studio. But it’s our concrete slab, goddammit, and we’re going to do great things with it, as long as the weather holds up. Stay tuned.

And thanks, Sophie Lvoff, for the pretty picture.

The AOA is located conveniently at 2116 St. Claude Avenue, within short walking distance of Melvin’s, Gene’s, and Walgreen’s.