UNO Press seeks submissions for an anthology of online post-Katrina writing

The University of New Orleans Press—in collaboration with editor, journalist, and former New Orleanian Cynthia Joyce—is seeking recommendations for content to include in a new anthology of some of the best Hurrican Katrina-related blogging and online writing.

“If you wrote, or remember reading, blogs/posts that should not be missed—because they crystallized the particular challenges of post-Katrina life, or maybe even inspired action for addressing them—I want to hear from you,” Joyce said.

The anthology will focus on online-only entries that were written between August 2005-August 2007 and revealed a layer of post-Katrina life that wasn’t typically picked up by traditional news outlets.

There will also be a section, “PLEASE FORWARD,” that will contain some of the emails and missives that may not have had a permanent web address but were repeatedly passed around via group email lists in an effort to fill the information void. Joyce is looking for submissions for this section as well.

The book’s official description:

“A collection of writing never before published in print—and in some cases no longer accessible online—the anthology will highlight the unprecedented role blogging played post-Katrina, both as a critical news source in the days and weeks immediately following the storm, and as a catalyst for the region’s recovery in the months and years that followed.”

Email submissions, suggestions, and/or questions to