NOLAsynchroniCITY – Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics

Please join us for NOLAsynchroniCITY, a new monthly film series featuring the extraordinary culture of New Orleans and our Louisiana heritage. The films are screened at 8:00pm and 10:00pm on Sunday nights at Buffa’s Bar & Restaurant. Filmmakers will be available for questions in between screenings. Admission FREE.

LOUISIANA BOYS: Raised on Politics by Paul Stekler, Louis Alvarez & Andrew Kolker
An unorthodox look at the colorful, Byzantine political culture of Louisiana, home to governors like the legendary Huey Long and his brother Earl (who was committed to an asylum during his last term), Jimmie Davis (who sang his farewell to the Legislature), the roguish four-time elected Edwin Edwards and reactionary, racist figures like Judge Leander Perez and David Duke. Earl Long said it best in the 1950s: “One of these days Louisianans are going to get good government…and they ain’t going to like it!” Louisiana Boys: Raised on Politics looks at the history and the contemporary condition of this political circus, from the populist tradition of the Longs, the emerging power of Blacks in New Orleans, and the traditional three-way split (conservative-Protestant Northern Louisiana, Cajun-Catholic Southern Louisiana, and urban New Orleans) that has kept the state’s political culture a popular spectator sport.  (1992, 56 minutes)

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April 14th
Good for What Ails You: Healing Secrets of the Cajuns, Creoles, and Bayou Indians by Glen Pitre and Michelle Benoit

April 21st 
Streetcar Stories by Michael Mizell-Nelson and Matt Martinez