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Happy Hour with Scott Turner Schofield

Please join us and Scott Turner Schofield at Press Street’s Antenna Gallery on September 4th from 6-9pm for a happy hour and talk with the artist about his life and work. Expect a lively Q and A!

A man who was a woman, a lesbian turned (kind of) straight guy – who most people assume is a gay man – Scott Turner Schofield takes your labels and shreds them with a wink and a smile. As an award-winning diversity speaker, world-renowned storyteller, and acclaimed consultant, Schofield draws from over a decade of experienceteaching about gender diversity in community, educational, religious, and business settings. He brings a generous heart, and an intersectional approach – and a knack for winning over conservative, traditional audiences – to clarify questions and provide practices for respectfully coexisting with men, women, and everybody else. For more information, please visit Schofield’s website at http://www.scott-t-schofield.com.

This event is free and open to the public

This event would not be possible without the John Burton Harter Charitable Trust (http://www.jbharter.org/info/trust.html). Thank you again for your support