As part of Press Street’s Impending Apocalypse series we are proud to present these two workshops for your eschatonic preparations.

Fashions for a Post Apocalypse Era
with Natalie McLaurin and Ryn Wilson

Worried about the decline of your closet after the end of days? Look no further, we’ll show you how to turn your old scraps into couture. We will also teach you mending and patching techniques for those cold nuclear nights. This is an all ages free workshop for beginning to intermediate crafters and please come prepared by bringing old clothing and linens, and a sewing machine if you wish (though there will be several on hand for use as well).

Both McLaurin and Wilson are active artists in the New Orleans community currently persuing graduate degrees at UNO.

Distilling for Water, Fuel, Recreational, & First Aid Purposes
with Scientist Robert Clark

Clean water is one of the essential resources that we can not live without.  In an emergency situation (or the occasional pumping station power outage), one must be able to sanitize available water from any available source.  In this workshop students will learn the basic principles of distillation and distillation device construction and operation to be able to produce a number of essential fluids for survival in a post appocalyptic world. The is a free workshop open to all ages and requires no materials!

Robert Clark is Geologist/Coastal Scientist working on a masters degree at UNO. He is an amateur mechanic, carpenter, electrician and fan of insane challenges.

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