Take a Chance on Rock and Roll

With the failures of politics, religion, and the marketplace, our world needs the optimistic vision of Arena Rock like never before. “TAKE A CHANCE ON ROCK AND ROLL,” an exhibit of large-scale wall drawings based on Tim Hailey’s fantastic imaginings of the New Orleans recovery in a world of Rock, will engulf Antenna from November 1 – 18, 2008. This work is a departure from Tim’s infamous oddball strategies for creating participatory art installations involving badminton, public showers, and scooter races. Using the Utopian imagery and good sounds of Boston, Lakeside, Heart, Jefferson Starship, Earth Wind & Fire, ELO, et al, “Take a Chance on Rock and Roll” offers the obvious solution to the ills of earth 2008. In the rear space of the gallery, video artist Courtney Egan takes an alternative tactic with film and photographs that reference the absence of historical memory. The depression and nostalgia generated by change and the results of forgetting are explored with humor and some resentment. Tim lives in Brooklyn, NY, and has another life as a documenter of racing culture for his magazine Straightliner. Courtney is a local resident and works at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.