The Happy Hour Salon Series at Antenna Continues!

Join Room 220 this Thursday as we partake in the second installment of the Happy Hour Salon Series at Antenna Gallery (last week’s salon with the editors of Pelican Bomb was a smashing success). This time, Brad Richard and his dad, Jim, will discuss the latter’s influence on Brad’s writing, a theme he explores in his new book, Curtain Optional.

While one might expect an evening with an author discussing his dad’s influence would entail something like, “Well, my dad was a huge fucking asshole who cramped my style so I started sneaking out and doing drugs and having sex, which invariably led to to the art scene,” Brad’s dad is an esteemed painter who passed on—whether by direct edict or osmosis—a few ideas about art to his son. The two are so tight Jim actually contributed his artwork to the book to accompany Brad’s words, and the whole package is pretty neat. Jim’s artwork will be on display at the salon.

The salon is from 6 – 8 p.m., on Thursday, March 31, at Antenna Gallery, which will be stocked with more white wine than red, since the warm, wet season is upon us. More info here.