We’re Pregnant launch recap

Thanks to everyone who came out late last month for the launch of Press Street’s newest publication, We’re Pregnant, a chapbook of short fiction by Room 220 editor Nathan C. Martin along with photos inspired by the stories by Akasha Rabut, Sophie T. Lvoff, and Grissel Giuliano.

More than 100 people packed the Antenna Gallery on a blustery Thursday evening for the event. Those in attendance had the chance to see a pop-up exhibition of photos and outtakes from the book hung in the Antenna Gallery. Leyla McCalla, of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, began the evening’s entertainment with a solo set of sad songs in several languages that set a somber tone. Press Street treasurer Bob Snead announced the launch of the organization’s membership drive—besides the normal perks of membership, which include a free Press Street publication and discounts at a slew of local businesses, patrons who bought a membership that night received a free empanada. Martin read two slightly disturbing stories from the book, and musical trio HAWN closed out the night.

You can order a copy of We’re Pregnant from the books section of the Press Street website.

Leyla McCalla drops the somber melodiousness is multiple languages as people continue to arrive.

A customer is slightly dazed by the low prices and high quality of Press Street’s publications.

Martin receives a pre-reading neck rub from Erik Kiesewetter, who noticed the author looking a bit nervous.

Martin takes the audience to the grotto of human suffering.

With all the seats full, people watched from the wings … and wept.

Some exhibited signs of trauma, which quickly passed.

Grissel Giuliano (center) relishes the evening’s success.

The crowd emerges from the grotto of human suffering.

As the sky grew dark, HAWN took the stage. Some were rattled by their bombast.

Others preferred to enjoy the cool night air outside the Press Street HQ.