What’s your name? Where are you from? Who’s your family? (Annette, Le Vampire, 2018.)


My name is Annette Lapel. I am a 19-year old woman from New Orleans, Louisiana currently living on my own. I was left with my parents’ Esplanade estate after their untimely death. I prefer to stay at home where I know nosey neighbors or rambunctious tourists won’t overwhelm or bother me.

My mother was a seamstress who owned a dress shop on Decatur. My father was a photographer who traveled the world. I spend most of my days in my mother’s studio or my father’s library reading his favorite books and using his camera. After some time alone, experiences are blurred, so I enjoy playing dress up in my mother’s studio and documenting time, my ideas, and creations to establish my own unique reality. My plan is to leave the world with glamorous, fossilized photos of me when I die…I reign in my imaginative world, dwelling in my own manifestations of the present. I don’t need to leave.

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