Landscapes of Matter Renee Royale


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Landscapes of Matter is a record of the project of the same name, which documents the geologic and anthropogenic violence impacting the landscape between New Orleans and Venice, Louisiana, where the mouth of the Mississippi flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Using instant film technology to capture the temporality of the environments and their ongoing shifts under the arcs of slavery, settler colonialism, racial capitalism, and patriarchal violence, the book both exposes and archives the visual messages of ecological and racialized violence.


RENEE ROYALE (b. 1990) is an artist, writer, independent curator, and digital strategist. Born in New York, she is a dual citizen of the United States and Barbados, and is currently based in New Orleans. She endeavors to diversify the experiences and relationships we have with art, utilizing innovative methods and modern technology to break down socioeconomic and institutionalized barriers for a more equitable, authentic art world.

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