Closing Reception: Nov 7th

WhatHappenWas invites the New Orleans Community to participate in one-on-one interviews in the installation with the artist, Marta Rodriguez Maleck, recounting any and everything that occurred post-Mardi Gras 2020. Sentences and phrases from each interview will be woven together in a sound collage, which will be presented at the exhibition’s closing. This sound collage will be a communal recounting of the New Orleans experience throughout the lockdown and pandemic.

1-on-1 conversations scheduled with the artist will be recorded inside the installation. Due to the nature of this show, this is the only way viewers will be able to enter the space through October. Conversations will explore feelings, ideas, and events that took place through the pandemic timeframe here in New Orleans. A closing reception will present a sound collage created from the dialogue captured on November 7th. To schedule your 30min-hour long conversation with artist, please email her at martarodriguezmaleck@gmail.com today!