2-Cent’s LISTEN! Literacy and Arts Festival, May 21 at Noon

By Taylor Murrow

2-Cent’s website describes the organization as a “PBS documentary, an SNL skit, and an In Living Color spoof all rolled into one.” And as awesome as that sounds, they’re really much more. They’re a group of young men and women who came together and decided that the current literacy situation among youth was embarrassing, to say the least, and they wanted to do something about it.

With Brandan “bmike” Odums at the helm, 2-Cent has been spreading the message of literacy’s importance throughout the New Orleans area, raising books for local schools and scoring appearances by Saints and Hornets players. And of course, I can’t forget to mention their poignant (and pretty hilarious) musical parodies, which have gained immense popularity thanks to the good ol’ internet. Hopefully you saw the one we posted on here a while ago, called “Every Book,” a parody of Lil’ Wayne’s “Every Girl.” I think my current personal favorite of theirs is this Reading Rainbow Bounce Remix (I really connected with Levar Burton as a child):

So, if The Rapture runs a little behind schedule this Saturday, you have absolutely no reason not to get everyone you know down to the LISTEN! Literacy and Arts fest. It starts at noon, at 2523 Bayou Road (The Community Book Center). 2-Cent promises live music, featured authors, poets, and speakers, and art and film contests for high school and college students. Plus, they will be giving a book to every child who attends. 2-Cent proves to be a talented group of individuals who are actively doing something…and making badass music videos in the process.

Darren Sharper wants you to go!