8th Annual 24HR Draw-a-thon 2013

The 8TH ANNUAL 24 HR DRAW-A-THON will begin 6am November 30th, 2013 at the Marigny Opera House!

Press Street’s 24-hour Draw-a-thon is the only event of its kind in the city of New Orleans. It is an art experience in which people are active participants– not spectators; where the entire premise is to encourage creating for the sake of creating. It is an all-ages, free event that is open to the public with all art materials provided.

Throughout a 24 hour period- beginning 6am on a Saturday and ending at 6am Sunday- workshops for all ages are held. Participants also let loose in an open space, walls and floors covered with paper to literally draw all over.

Draw-a-thon began in 2006, where it was hosted at the Green Project, a recycled building materials warehouse. Draw-a-thon out grew the space, and in 2011 was hosted at the Old Ironworks nearby and in 2012 and again this year, we are excited to host Draw-a-thon at the Marigny Opera House.



6:30am Draw-a-thon Commences!


Angela’s Tiny Universe: Space Badges, Jet Packs, and Flags for Conquest

Turkey Dressing: How Do You Want To Dress Your Turkey? With Jeannie Detweiller

The Forgotten Door: Doorway to Another Dimension!

Aliens on A Stick: Space Creature Construction with Malcolm McClay using reference books of animals & insects & candy

Sound Scapes with Gretchen Faust

Plessy School Activity

Alien Discount Store

Intergalactic Creature Battle Draw with Otto Splotch


Plutonian Paper Puppet Making with the Puppetoni Brothers: Caesar Meadows & Kenny Harrison


Self-portraits As Aliens: Ma Poe and the Community Print Shop

Silk-screening with Ben Fox McCord! Get this years design silk-screened on your favorite shirt or skirt or apron!


Sculpture Garden Surprise


Drive & Draw with Ashley Teamer


16mm Animation shorts with George Ingmire


Silk-screening with Ben Fox McCord! Get this years design silk-screened on your favorite shirt or dress or pants!


Living Canvas with Anais & Rose


Animation Station with Courtney Egan and Kourtney Keller

Alex McMurry and Jay Holland play the Theramin


Living Canvas with Columbus Street Drawing Collective


Space Craft DMV: Rocket Ship Construction with  Brad Benischek & Ry Gipson


Speed Figure Drawing with Gary Oaks


Interstellar Banquet: Becky Gipson, Laura Gipson, & Jeannie Detweiller


Dark Matter Graphite Drawing


Space Camp Cassingham: First Millennial Macro-Taxonomic Bio-Geographical Survey, a service of the Spiral Arm Wildlife and Fisheries Department


Draw the Harpist! Luke Brechtelsbauer performs


Monster Doiley Art with Caesar Meadows: Troglodytes & Hobgoblins Galore!


Voyager Sighting/Clean-up Time & Art Harvest


On-Going Activities:

The Amazing Draw-a-tron 3000 designed by Tristan Thompson

EDK’s: Emergency Drawing Kits

Undrawable Stories: stories written by Big Class students challenging folks to illustrate them

Marigny Magnetic Anamoly

Whimsy Post Brought To You by The Ministry of Supreme Happiness

3D Glasses

Fortune (in Space) Drawing

Draw Star: “For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky”

Black Friday Workshop using old ad stock from the 50’s

Draw your own record labels!

Draw-a-thon 2013 is made possible by support from Black Rock Arts Foundation, and our Kickstarter Backers.