Antenna::Signals Issue.001:

Saturday, April 9, 2016
At Castillo Blanco | 4321 St. Claude Ave.

Conceived as a “live arts magazine,” ANTENNA::SIGNALS is a new sort of variety show by the artists and writers of Antenna. Each “issue” of Antenna::Signals will feature a spread of 8 local artists, writers, performers, or scholars whose practices relate thematically. The live event will be accompanied by the release of a two-dimensional print version, with each magazine dropping on a Second Saturday of the Month, 9PM-11PM, 4 times/year.

The First Issue of Antenna::Signals launches on April 9th with the Antenna Gallery exhibition “I Am An Important Giant”— featuring artwork in miniature form. Toby Lou of the Weekly Revue will MC performances and presentations on the theme of miniature:

Pippin Frisbee-Calder and Tulane microbiologist Dr. Tim McLean, speaking about their Studio in the Woods collaboration
Carlos Grasso, presenting his short film using 1920s plantation life dioramas at the Louisiana State Museum as part of a narrative with found dialogue and live performed soundtrack, as well as a performance of “Tiny Sounds” amplifying low level sounds (purring, pin dropping, sighs, leaky faucet, bugs, etc.)
Miro Hoffman, New Orleans-based artist currently working on a tiny house
Richard McMahan, who creates miniature replicas of famous works from art history
Valerie Sassyfras, a one-woman band
Nat and Veronica, of Skinhorse Theater, a one-act performance
Guy Guidry of Bonsai NOLA, breaking down the process of creating bonsai trees
Tiny Circus, presenting stop-motion animation short films
And featuring the microbrew of Secondline Brewery.