Apocalypse Soon Movie Marathon Day Two

Wesley Stokes presents this two day movie marathon in anticipation of the end of days.

6 pm – The Omega Man (1971)

Charlton Heston tries to keep his sanity and as always, his guns in the future where humanity has become extinct. Based on the book, I Am Legend, this story has been adapted to film previously as The Last Man On Earth with Vincent Price, and more recently with Will Smith in I Am Legend, but none could pull off being the baddest man in the land like Charlton Heston.

8 pm – Zardoz (1974)

In a distant future, Sean Connery plays Zed, a being whose sole intent is to bring death. Through some psychedelic mishaps, Zed is brought to a place filled with the greatest achievements of humanity… just to screw it up. Directed by John Boorman who put his weirdo tinged touch on Point Blank and Deliverance before this.

10 pm – Children of Men (2006)

In another generation, women become infertile and humanity is faced with extinction. When one woman is found to be pregnant, lots of different parties with ulterior motives want her. Clive Owen plays the pessimist in charge of her safety and Michael Caine plays an old hippie.

12 am – Miracle Mile (1988)

A different view of the apocalypse appropriate for the season! Anthony Edwards plays Harry who happens to pick up the phone and get a random message alerting him about imminent nuclear fallout. Rather than seeing the world as it is after everything hits the fan, this film is all that leads up to it. And it’s a boy meets girl story!