Union :: Bianca Walker

Exhibition Dates: September 10th – October 2nd 2022
Opening Reception: Saturday September 10th 2022, 6pm – 10pm

Union is an investigation of the unity of blackness beyond borders using paint. The idea that blackness exists in an infinite space operating outside of white supremacy is inferred through the painting by disregarding a typically western style of common painting and taking the medium into black hands; executing in a way that expresses a visceral sense of freedom through drip painting and raw material with little to no manipulation from myself. The materials are allowed to exist as they are as blackness can without the manipulation of white supremacy.


Bianca Walker is a 23-year-old, nonbinary, painter from Northern California. They were raised surrounded by vibrant street art until gentrification began to ravage the Bay Area. Walker migrated to Louisiana and began their studies at Grambling State University. As their education continued, they quickly grew tired of traditional art methods and began to use a drip painting technique. Now developing an MFA thesis at the University of New Orleans Walker uses these drips as an integral part of their visual language while incorporating archival imagery of the African Diaspora activating a history they can see being erased.

Bianca Walker is a selectee of Antenna’s 2022 Louisiana Open Call, juried by Jan Christian Bernabe.