California Dreaming

Antenna presents: CALIFORNIA DREAMING west coast influenced video by Mads Lynnerup, Patrick Rock, Chris Sollars, Brian Storts, and Kathryn Williamson. Curated by shawn hall.

All 5 artists showed performance and installation work in nola between 1999-2001 as a part of Bing Bang Art Bash at the Mermaid Lounge. Having all met while attending the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 1990’s, the video work reflects the sensibility they share and a west coast conceptual framework. Curiosity and the explorations and acts that spring forth are a hallmark. The prankster is at play here, and a sense of freedom and playfulness embodies the Californian spirit that has taken up some form of residence in these 5 artists.

The work chosen for this show has an association with ideas of transport, transportation, and transformation. California is the mecca for this transportmationtationformation. Antenna invites you to dream on!