Cupcake Throwdown & Artist Cakewalk


Dominating Tasty Cupcake – Shake Sugaree – DAWN SNEAD

Best New Orleans Cake – LEAH DARET
Best Cake in Disguise – Shake Sugaree – DAWN SNEAD
Best Art Cake – Antenna – BOB SNEAD
Ugliest Cake – Antenna – ANNE GISLESON

Special Thanks to our Amazing Judges:  Chef Andrew Edwards , Kanitra Caston-Hill, and Karen Kern — and also our Cakewalk MC Susan Gisleson.


Come and witness Antenna Gallery Artists compete head to head against other artists and pastry professionals in the first annual: CUPCAKE SHOWDOWN & ARTIST CAKE WALK

The public is invited to come and taste cupcakes or cakes from our contenders including:

Antenna Gallery All Stars, Angela Driscoll, Susan Gisleson, Natalie McLaurin, Bob Snead & Jerald L. White
Baked NOLA, Jessica Doyle, Samantha Doyle and Jill Billio
Byrdie’s Gallery,  Heather Lane
Cupcake Fairies, Michele Burtan Oatis and Melissa Woods
La Divina Gelateria,  Molly Reeder
St. Coffee, Vanessa Sternick
Shake Sugaree, Dawn Snead
Sugar’s in the Bywater, Clare Loughran
723 Louisa Street Digest:  Amanda Cassingham
Patricia Muffin Bernstein
Rene Boyer
Craig Branum
Justin Burnell
Jessica Caraveo
Leah Daret
Brittney Everett
Shannon Faulstick
Anne Gisleson and the 5 year old Bywater Boys
Hao Peng Liao
Dakota Moe
Mandy Walkenhorst
Anne Webbeking


Contenders will compete in five categories scored by a panel of judges and awarded trophies for:

Dominating Tasty Cupcake
Best New Orleans Cake
Best Cake in Disguise
Best Art Cake, and
Ugliest Cake

The public is invited to purchase tasty treats by the contenders and enjoy the fun of competing with others in a $2 a ticket cake walk – where the contending artists and professional cakes are up for grabs!  The event includes free cupcakes for kids in costumes, and a raffle for a tote bag filled with Press Street publications and other prizes.

Admission is FREE so bring your family and tell your friends!

If you think you’re up for the task and would like to produce cakes and cupcakes to compete head-to-head against Antenna Gallery artists for fame and glory, read below.

Email Antenna prior to June 25, 2011 at  Please include your name, contact information and the name of the organization, if any, that you represent.  Participants are asked to produce a minimum of 1 dozen standard size cupcakes (per submission) and/or 1 cake to compete in any of the categories above.  Participants are allowed to make submissions in more than one category.

Three cupcakes will be selected for judging in the Cupcake Throwdown.  The remaining cupcakes will be sold individually during the event, and cake submissions will be “sold off” via the cakewalk.  All proceeds from the event will benefit the non-profit Programs of Antenna | Press Street.

You must deliver your cupcakes and cake(s) to Antenna Gallery between 1:00pm and 2:00pm on Sunday, June 26, 2011.  Our gallery is located in the Bywater neighborhood at 3161 Burgundy Street, NOLA 70117.  Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign in, and your cupcakes and cake(s) will be photographed and placed on the judging table. Cakes will be judged by presentation and creativity, and cupcakes will be judged on presentation, creativity and taste between 2:00pm and 3:00pm.    The winners will be announced and trophies awarded at 4:00pm.