Heartbreak Hangover: A Post-Valentine’s Reading

Greg Zorko, Nix Therese, Jo Gehringer, and Prairie M. Faul will read at Sisters in Christ (5206 Magazine Street) at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, February 15.

Greg Zorko was born in 1990 in upstate New York. He currently lives in Madison, Wisconsin. He is the author of Ghost in the Club (Metatron Press, 2016). He has performed around the US and in Canada.

Nix Therese is a sonically-driven, compassionate poet from New Orleans who serves as Associate Digital Editor for the Fairy Tale Review. Their latest project, Snow Black, has earned them support from VONA/Voices and the Women’s Voices mentorship program. This retelling of “Snow White” is set in southern Louisiana and prioritizes racial tension, gender exploration, and the processes of trauma. 

Jo Gehringer is a mixed-race trans poet from Omaha, Nebraska. They currently live in New Orleans. Their work has appeared in Paper Darts, Spy Kids Review, Xavier Review, and elsewhere.

Prairie M. Faul is a flagrant transsexual from New Orleans. She is the author and designer of Burnt Sugarcane (Gloworm Press, 2017) and the self-published chapbook Root-Heart