I am an Important Giant

“I AM AN IMPORTANT GIANT” is a collaborative group exhibition at Antenna Gallery in which smaller-than-life installations explore the nuances of scale and the received relationship between size and quality. Organized by visual artist Natalie McLaurin, the exhibition features 31 contributors from across the country.

FEATURED ARTISTS: Andrew Roberto, Angela Berry, Angela Driscoll, Anna Thompson, Ben Fox-Mccord, Bonnie Miller, Bridget Mullen, Craig Branum, Deirdre Sargent, Ellen Ellis, Elliott Bennett Coon, Heather Muntzer, Jeremy Pelt, Jessica Bizer, Julia Westerbeke, Katherine Aungier, Kristin Wanek, Kristen Breyer, Kyle Bravo, Lacey Prpić Hedtke, Luke Forsyth, Maria Levitsky, Molly Reeder, Nicole Handel, Rebecca Memoli, Robmat Butler, Rob Lomblad, Roy Williams, Ryn Wilson, Sara Marie Miller and Veronica Siehl.