in tandem series – Vigilante Vigilante

in tandem, a new monthly series of Press Street’s MiniPlex program, invites individual artists and curators to select content for potluck film screenings and other multimedia events that create a dialogue with a current show at Antenna Gallery.

This month, Press Street’s Gretchen Faust would like to invite you to a screening of Vigilante Vigilante in tandem with the current exhibition at Antenna: Pat Phillips’ Roots.

Those who buff often have the same drive for civic expression as those who sparked the urban conversation. VIGILANTE VIGILANTE exposes how those who hold the roller of off-paint on the graffiti sweep retain control over communicative use of public space. Filmmakers Max Good and Nathan Wollman highlight the dedicated blight warriors throughout the US, including New Orleans’ very own Grey Ghost, Fred Radtke, – who stops at nothing to rid the collective landscape of street art, stickers, tags and posters. Interestingly enough, these vigilantes have become the very menace they set out to eliminate. While unveiling those who are behind the layers of buff, many experts in academia add to the narrative that questions larger issues around free expression and blight. 


Potluck snacks will be available. Bring something to share if you can!

Doors open 7:00

Screening begins 7:30