L.A.B. Work by Shawn Hall

L.A.B. investigates Loose Associations of Beauty, Loose Associative Bodies, Loose Aberrations of Being, and the Language of Associative Beauty through multiple media.

The L.A.B. collections and topics include Paintings: what are we taking about?, Shells of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California: just look at them, Photo & Video: documentation of something, and Special Collections: what are they?

L.A.B. is an attempt to put the “work” into context, and also to put an aspect of the natural world and it’s infinite variation and minutia into a certain focus.

In a perfect L.A.B. you have time to consider what you are viewing. In this L.A.B. you will have considerable of time to view what you are considering.

L.A.B. is open to groups of students – 2 hours at a time, all week by prearranged appointment. Individuals are welcome to drop in.