Meet Carole Frances Lung :: Antenna’s New Executive Director

Hello Antenna/Paper Machine community, 

I’m excited to have joined this mighty organization that is doing such amazing work. I appreciate the dedication of the staff, board, collaborators and stakeholders for your continued love and support of Antenna / Paper Machine during these challenging times.  

A big THANK YOU to the staff Amelia Broussard, Happy Burbeck, Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell, Kiernan Dunn, Kendrik James,  Alia Muhaymin, Cheyenne Logan, Marie Lovejoy, Jessica Peterson,Grace Vandyk and Malik Williams (who left the organization in Feb. 2022). Led by the interim Executive Director Shana M. griffin. Shana passionately led Antenna  facilitating building updates, reopening of both spaces during the pandemic and following hurricane Ida, she facilitated the pivoting of  funds to develop the Creative Response Network, fundraising for over $700,000 in emergency relief and administrative support funds, and led the Creative Response Network working groups. 

A big THANK YOU to the Executive Board: James Goedert, Stephanie Atkins, Wayne Amedee, Jessica Kinnison, Ron Bechet, Jennie West, Cherie Teamer Henley, Claudia Barker, Alicia Bendana, AnnieLaurie Erickson, Laura Gipson, Ursa Eyer and Robin Levy (who recently rolled off). This dedicated board worked tirelessly through a long Executive Director search.


Portrait of Carole Frances Lung with their dog 'Stitch' at White Sands
Carole Frances Lung and their pup, Stitch

My tenure at Antenna/Paper machine began April 4 (remote and part-time from Los Angeles) and I will arrive full time to New Orleans the first week of June. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing your Antenna/Paper Machine stories.  Feel free to reach out to me at For more about me check out my bio, wordpress site, or wiki page. In solidarity and care,

Carole Frances Lung
Executive Director, Antenna/Paper Machine
working remotely on the Land of the Tongva People, in Los Angeles California