New Orleans Loving Festival – How The Word Got Mixed Up

Please join the New Orleans Loving Festival for a Film Screening & Discussion!

by David Okuefuna (2011)

This film will re-access the meaning of the great historic force that first brought the races together – imperialism.  The film examines the complex history of interracial relationships and chronicles the shifts in attitudes that for centuries have created controversy and anxiety all around the world.  (90 minutes)  New Orleans Writer & Historian KEITH WELDON MEDLEY will facilitate a short discussion following the screening.  FREE Admission

Co-presented with Charitable Film Network, Press Street, and Cafe Istanbul.  For more information contact

The New Orleans Loving Festival is a Multiracial Community Celebration & Film Festival that challenges racial discrimination through outreach and education. The New Orleans Loving Festival is an initiative of the Charitable Film Network and Press Street. Please follow NOLF on Facebook.