No Weak and Ordinary Voice :: Britt Ransom

On View :: Sun. Nov. 12th, 2023 - Mon. Dec. 18th, 2023

No Weak and Ordinary Voice links speeches by Reverdy C. Ransom, a pivotal civil rights activist and founding member of the Niagara Movement, to sites across America through sculptural forms. This exhibition presents the metaphorical act of putting a flower in the barrel of the continued assault on equal rights. By connecting plants to historical locations of activism and employing flowers as symbols of both celebration and mourning, this work is a signifier of an ongoing resistance and bridges historical struggles with those of the present.

Britt Ransom (she/her) is an artist based between New Orleans, Louisiana and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ransom is currently an Associate Professor of Art in Sculpture, Installation, and Site work at Carnegie Mellon University. Her practice and teaching explore conflicts within our shared climate through digital fabrication and installation processes. As a half black queer artist, her work has recently shifted into focusing on restoring the Tawawa Chimney Corner House, a national historic site for civil rights activism, and former home of her great-great grandparents who were founding members of the Niagara Movement. Ransom is part of the New Media Caucus Board of Directors, is a former chair of the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and Studio, and former ZERO1 American Arts Incubator lead artist.