Out Now: the new New Orleans Review

The new issue of the New Orleans Review is out, an addition to the collective body of work that’s among the city’s most formidable literary endeavors still in progress. Elegant as ever and edited by Chris Chambers, it features an outstanding essay by Brad Richard titled “A Poetics of Disaster: Katrina in Poetry, Poetry After Katrina” and a conversation between authors Pia Z. Ehrhardt and Dylan Landis, both of which will be excerpted on this site in the coming weeks. It also features a photo essay by David Rae Morris of images from the BP Oil Disaster and a conversation in poetry between Mary Privett Leader and her dead mother.

The remainder of the pages includes fiction and poetry by Jennifer S. Davis, Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr., Austin Smith, Priscila Uppal, Kate Milliken, Russell Brakefield, Lad Tobin, Loren Goodman, Victoria Lacelotta, Martha Ronk, Mary Austin Speaker, Kristen-Paige Madonia, Roger Sedarat, and Erica Wright.

You can buy it in the finer bookstores around the city.