Platforms Fund Artist Grants 2017

The Platforms Fund, a collaborative effort of Antenna, Ashé Cultural Arts Center, and Pelican Bomb in partnership with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, is excited to announce an expansion of awards for the 2017-18 cycle. The Fund will distribute a total of $60,000 in grants to a diverse array of artist-driven projects that are ambitious, accessible, and experimental in nature.

To be able to foster more experimentation, the Fund will continue to grant project awards of up to $5,000, while also providing new $1,500 research and development grants for projects in their earliest stages. Research and development grantees will be eligible to apply for up to $3,500 additional funds in the next grant cycle to help actualize their projects.

In light of recent flooding events within Louisiana, the Fund has added special considerations for the 2017-18 cycle, with preference given to projects that achieve one or more of the following:
-Exemplify core values of creativity, collaboration, or resiliency
-Develop an innovative or unconventional approach to an idea
-Benefit others outside of the applicant(s)
-Engage with issues of environmental crisis within the state
-Encourage collaborative efforts between artists within the Greater New Orleans area and those living or working in regions of Louisiana affected by recent floods

Applications are due January 27, 2017.

Before applying, please check out the full guidelines for application here:

Featured image: Skateable Sculpture at Parisite Skate Park, a 2015 funded project.