Queer Heritage as an Act of Protest with Ryan Leitner

Artist Talk, as part of In the Fold
WED NOV 18 5:30-6:15 PM

For this talk, Ryan Leitner will be discussing his project called Strange Inheritance, an ongoing pursuit to understand how and where queer culture is visualized, cataloged, and created.

Exhibition Opening at Paper Machine
SAT NOV 21 12-6 PM

During his time as Artist in Residence at Paper Machine, Ryan Leitner has been working on a series of art books that pull from his research, artwork, and activism in queer visibility and history making. For this talk, he will be diving into his ongoing project called “Strange Inheritance”, where for the past three years he has been traveling the United States and Europe to clean LGBTQ+ public monuments as a performative act. These art books collage his travels, experiences, and research as a pursuit to the question; How is queer lineage cared for when we do not come from our blood family? What does it mean to have this type of Strange Inheritance?