Queer Skate


Sunday, June 2, 5-8

At Parisite Skate Park, 1606 Pleasure Street

Siq Flicks screening after 8 pm!

Unity Skateboarding is a queer, trans, femme, and person of color centered skateboard project that originally started in Oakland, CA. The co-founders of Unity Skateboarding are artist Jeffrey Cheung and Gabriel Ramirez, who runs Unity Press out of Wolfman Book Store. They use their artistic expression and platforms to host queer skate nights globally and in their home of Oakland, CA. Jeffrey is a trained artist who hand-paints decks that are often given to queer and trans community members at sliding scale rates. Their mission is to make skateboarding and quality printing accessible to the communities they belong too as well as to build community with like-minded folks and accomplices. The gallery exhibit would include acrylics on canvas, screen prints and risograph prints, hand-painted decks, and zines. There would be a queer skate night hosted at Parisite Park followed by a curated screening by Siq Flicks of skate themed related films.