Refractional Presence


Opening Reception: September 10, 6-10pm
Daily hours: Sat and Sun 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 12-5 call ahead

Refraction n.
the action of distorting an image by viewing it through a medium

We all look, but can we all see?

In this media-filled and product-inundated world, how often do we blindly oblige societal expectations of womanhood, beauty, and identity? Refractional Presence unites five local female artists who are simultaneously well-versed in and decisively critical of cultural ideals – especially ones that force repeated modifications and destructive stereotypes onto our bodies and beings. Using photography, mixed media and sometimes even a dab of torched perm cream, each artist creates images that do not passively reflect negative notions of perfectionism, but instead refract such standards into visions of intimate authenticity and peaceful self-awareness.

Featured Artists:
Jer’Lisa Devezin, Cecilia Givens, Natori Green, Imani Hadden, and Chloe St. Etienne.