SCUMBAG CINEMA – Forbidden Zone

SICK! Twisted! DIRTY! Repulsive! Calling all degenerates! Come out for the new Scumbag Cinema Series! Get out of the flop house, crack house, or under that bridge and come by for some of the weirdest films you’ve never seen! This stuff’ll stain your mind and be sure to send your soul straight to hell!  Admission Free.  Curated by Wesley Stokes.

October 5th at 9:00pm
FORBIDDEN ZONE by Richard Elfman
– (1982)
The Forbidden Zone is possibly the most appropriate visualization of what lurks in the recesses of a degenerate’s mind. Never too real and barely at the brink of comprehension but makes for a damn fine musical! Starring The Mystic Knights of The Oingo Boingo! (80 minutes)

October 12th
DR. CALIGARI by Rinse Dream
– (1989)
This isn’t to be confused with the original silent horror film, ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.’ This is a sequel that is either very unorthodox or right on the money depending on how you look at it. The granddaughter of the original Dr. Caligari runs an asylum filled with sexual deviants drooling all over each other in a constant low roll of dry ice. Highly recommended for those with similar conditions. (80 minutes) Film Trailer

October 19th
TEENAGE TUPELO by John Michael McCarthy
– (1995)
D’Lana Tunnell just can’t get a break! Her mom sucks, her job sucks, and her cool rock n’ roll boyfriend Johnny Tu-Note wants to split when finds out she’s pregnant. Tupelo is a real pit! Soundtracked by the 90’s Memphis surf rockers Impala, this is like a John Waters film deep fried. (90 minutes) Film Clip

October 26th
– (1977)
John Waters’ first real drama. Mink Stole stars as a hysterical woman in a hysterical world. Don’t we all? (90 minutes) Film Trailer

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