Scumbag Cinema – Samurai Cop & Maniac Cop

Sick! Twisted! Dirty! Repulsive! Calling all degenerates! Come out for the Scumbag Cinema Series! Get out of the flop house, crack house, or from under that bridge and come by for some of the weirdest films you’ve never seen! This stuff’ll stain your mind and be sure to send your soul straight to hell!  Admission FREECurated by Wesley Stokes.

Samurai Cop
If Fabio and Steven Seagal had a cop child that looked like Kevin Sorbo from that Hercules TV show, it could have been Samurai Cop. This is the result of Amir Shervan, a middle eastern film tycoon trying to make an American action crossover and missing the entire ballpark. This is Troll 2 good!  (1989) 96 minutes

Maniac Cop
Starring two of the best b-movie actors from the 80’s, Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell! And keep an eye open for Richard Roundtree (Shaft) as the chief. There are brutal killings around the city. People say its an officer committing the crimes. And the police department does their best to capture the maniac cop. This is a work of fiction. Anyway, Robert Z’Darr who is also in Samurai Cop is in this too! He was on fire that year!  (1988) 85 minutes  Look Here for film trailer.

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