Trickle Down Ecology


On view: Oct 12 – Nov 3, 2019
Opening Reception: Oct 12, 6-10pm
Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5

Jacob Reptile is a fiber artist celebrating the world around us but sneaking in the dirty truth. He is a believer in healthy ecosystems, whether it be for his passion for designing and creating aquariums and garden spaces, building a thriving community around the studios in his home, or creating magical spectacle performance for the public to witness. His personal art work focuses on both larger than life imaginative creatures, lush colors and textures to create interactive curious objectives. His work is playful, wild, and intricate – always dancing between real life and the imaginative world.

Raised with a curiosity to explore the flora and fauna of swamps, rivers, canals, and vibrant streets of New Orleans, I mix my love for both the natural and unnatural worlds. The world we live in is beautiful but challenging to remain positive and happy. Either working in fiber arts making crazy quilts, paper mache sculptures, or performance art I celebrate the natural world and bring joy to the beholder. Life is hard and I want to enjoy making new worlds for us to step into and enjoy but also with use of recycled materials comment on current environmental issues. Each project directs my medium. The materials are free to be what they are while becoming something new. My sculptures are clearly made of paper and cardboard and the material makes it more personable, more inviting. The past decade has been inspiring but focused on building a community at the Aquarium Gallery. Now I plan to revisit surface design, fabric dying and weaving to add more depth to my crazy quilts. I am searching for a balance or co-existence between my wall hangings and large installation.