Writers Resist New Orleans

Writers Resist New Orleans will take place at 2 p.m. on Sunday, January 15, at the Art Garage (2231 St. Claude Avenue). The event is held in collaboration with PEN America, as part of a international day of readings championing freedom of speech, and the power of expression to change the world.

Representatives from New Orleans’ diverse writer’s community will be reading selections from great political, activist, and literary works of the past including words from: Martin Luther King, Jr., James Baldwin, Audre Lorde, Allen Ginsberg, Angela Davis, and many more to come.

Event organizers hope to provide a space for the New Orleans community to come together during this time of national anxiety. They view this as an opportunity to connect, seek solace, and rebuild. They welcome ALL.

A note from the national organizers:
Writers Resist is not affiliated with a political party. We wish to bypass direct political discourse in favor of an inspired focus on the future, and how we, as writers, can be a unifying force for the protection of Democracy. In order for us to heal and move forward, individually and as a nation, we believe people need something to be for in this anxious moment. The only thing we “resist” is that which attacks or seeks to undermine those most basic principles of freedom and justice for all.