On View :: Sat. Jul. 13th, 2024 - Sun. Aug. 25th, 2024

An exhibition curated by DiQuan Forcell and John Alleyne

Growing up as a person of color forges resilience amid constant
vigilance. From early on, rigid gender norms dictate how we should
behave, penalizing any deviation from the norm. Navigating a world
where self-expression feels restricted, we may feel boxed in by societal
expectations. With a central focus on quelling the traumas associated
with Blackness and Black hair, “16.15.17” explores the transformative
power of breaking these barriers and reclaiming our authentic selves.

“16.15.17” is a meditation on comfortability and being one’s authentic
self. Drawing inspiration from Samson’s supernatural strength being
inexplicably linked to his hair, and ultimately his faith, this exhibition
invites viewers to exhale, unwind, and embrace their truest self. Step
into a space free from societal pressures, where you can shed outdated
teachings and reclaim your authenticity. This exhibition celebrates
liberation, inviting you to relax and own your identity unapologetically.

Curated by DiQuan Forcell and John Alleyne, the exhibition features a
range of works from six artists: A’mya Mcknight, Brikarri Williams,
DiQuan Forcell, JaTaiRee Hudson Jr., JESSC.X, and John Alleyne.