Blue Library Vol 2: Conversations


Dec 10, 2016- Jan 30, 2017
Opening Reception: Dec 10, 6-10pm
Closing Reception: Jan 14, 6-10
Daily hours: Tuesday – Sunday 12-5

The Blue Library Vol 2: Conversations is a new collection of
photobooks specifically made for this exhibition.

18 photographers were selected and asked to choose a partner to have a “conversation” with. The photographers worked together, either making new work or working with their archive, to respond to each other’s work.

The books containing 20 images each will be on display for December 2016-January 2017 at Antenna’s Reading Room and will remain in Antenna’s permanent collection.

The photographers are Courtney Asztalos & Nydia Blas, Jessica Dean Camp & Cole Don Kelley, Angela Deane & Alisson Bittiker, Lee Deigaard & Elizabeth Stone, Hobbes Ginsberg & Andi Icaza, Michelle Groskopf & Alexander Coggin, Janna Ireland & Morgan Rachel Levy, Natalie Krick & Lissa Rivera (front image), Ian Lewandowski & Caiti Borruso, Juan Madrid & Maggie Stockman, Ross Mantle & Chris Maggio, Noelle McCleaf & Michael McCraw, Zora Murff & Rana Young, Amy Lynn Powell & Maddie McGarvey, Tamara Reynolds & Matthew Genitempo, David Soffa & Liz Calvi, Sasha Tivetsky & Melissa Spitz, and Tara Wray & Carrie Elizabeth Thompson.