Reflections on Water

RISE at the Wildflower Meadow

THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 7 TO 8:15 P.M. || MOSQUITO CONTROL HEADQUARTERS AT 2100 LEON C. SIMON Join us at dusk for a performance and talkback with chamber music group Les Cenelles, co-hosted with the New Orleans Center for the Gulf South. Les Cenelles is a contemporary string ensemble exploring the Creole diaspora through melody and RISE at the Wildflower Meadow

SINK::The Best We Can

Welcome back to the Antenna::Signals podcast. This is episode three of our series SINK::Subsidence and Evictions in New Orleans. In the first episode, we concentrated on eviction policies, how these policies are generated and who they benefit. In the second, we considered the science of regional groundwater subsidence alongside these systems. Now we’re going to SINK::The Best We Can

Homecoming Project: Water Virtual Redux

SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 7 P.M. WITH JUNEBUG PRODUCTIONS [ONLINE] DATE & TIME: Saturday, April 24, 2021 7pm CT LOCATION: Facebook Live via Streamyard FEATURED ARTISTS – TALKBACKStephanie McKee – moderatorFrederick “Wood” DelahoussayeKesha McKeyJeremy GuytonSunni Pattersonfree feral “As mother of the planet’s living things, holding memory and mystery, healing flesh and rock, carving veins in mountainsides Homecoming Project: Water Virtual Redux