Homecoming Project: Water Virtual Redux


DATE & TIME: Saturday, April 24, 2021 7pm CT

LOCATION: Facebook Live via Streamyard

Stephanie McKee – moderator
Frederick “Wood” Delahoussaye
Kesha McKey
Jeremy Guyton
Sunni Patterson
free feral

“As mother of the planet’s living things, holding memory and mystery, healing flesh and rock, carving veins in mountainsides — water is the great collector down to the molecular level.” – free feral

Homecoming Project: Water is a collection of stories — told in the form of dance, music, spoken word, and film — exploring the depths of our vastly different and complex relationships with water.

During this time of pandemic, Homecoming Project Lead Artists Sunni Patterson, Frederick “Wood” Delahoussaye, Kesha McKey, Jeremy Guyton, free feral, and special guest Spirit McIntyre revisit Homecoming Project: Water from a distance.Reimagined with stunning visuals from Melisa Cardona and Malachi Middleton artfully stitched together by Jazz Franklin, the Homecoming Project: Water Virtual Redux premieres a little over two years after the original performance premiered on a gloriously watery, stormy night.

Homecoming Project is a community-based, storytelling performance series that aims to marry high-quality artistic practice with a commitment to maintaining the essential relationship between art and progressive social change through engagement with New Orleans communities that have been historically oppressed and exploited.

From April through June, we invite the public to join a series of hands-on learning, arts, and environmental stewardship activities. Explore the themes of water, ecology, and infrastructure through community conversations, creative activities led by artists, a native wildflower meadow planting, infrastructure and garden walks, film screenings, and musical performances.  

Learn more and register for events here: https://www.waterleadersinstitute.com/seeds-beats-2021

Photo: Spirit McIntyre by Melisa Cardona